12 Rough Miles

Because of hard rain Saturday, a small group of Buckeye Striders decided to get our long distance in today instead. I’m so glad we did!

Sharon Woods was beautiful this morning!

Sharon Woods was beautiful this morning!

We met at Sharon Woods at 7:00. The sun was shining and the temperatures were very mild in the mid-50s. It felt like a Fall day instead of the end of July.

Sharon Woods is a 3.8-mile loop with a couple of big hills in the first 2 miles, then the rest is mostly flat. It is one of my favorite places to walk.

We kept to a fairly slow pace at about 14:30 per mile by my Garmin. Nancy’s watch said we were about 90 seconds per mile faster than that. I didn’t feel we were walking quite that fast, but it didn’t feel all that slow, either.

The first loop felt great, but as we went, my knees started to ache, my IT band was giving me pain and my ankle started acting up again. Ugh! By the end my right foot was slapping the ground again rather than rolling. Not sure what I’ll do about that.

Since Nancy and I are doing the Parkersburg Half Marathon on August 17, we really need the hill workouts.

Raspberries were ripening along the trail.

Raspberries were ripening along the trail.

By the end, I was worn out. It is obvious my training has been off a little. The last two weeks I barely got any distance in. Despite that, I felt good having finished 12 miles three weeks before the half. I’m more confident I will be trained well enough to finish feeling OK.

PS: We did get to see the turkeys that started living there just a couple of years ago. No photos of turkeys.



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  1. Dan says:

    I wish you well with the Parkersburg Half-Marathon. I recall running that race about 10 years ago. It was well-organized and a lot of fun. I also recall visiting nearby Blennerhasset Island. I hope you’ll take the time for a tour.