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Was that a Canvasback?

I was walking around Antrim Lake today when I thought I saw a Canvasback. At the end of the first of my three laps I looked to my left at the water and saw a beautiful red-headed duck swimming among … Continue reading

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I Need to Learn to Work my Watch

I own more than 15 watches. One is a sturdy Timex with a second hand that my Grandma wore when she was a nurse. Among the others are a couple cheap cute watches in bright colors to go with outfits, … Continue reading

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Walking Feels Good

I’ve been sore since the hill workout on Tuesday. It’s a really “good” sore when you know you’ve pushed your muscles just enough. It actually feels kinda good. Tonight I did an hour walk. It felt great and my muscles … Continue reading

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Hills, Hills, Hills

Instead of our typical midweek mileage, we did hills today. There are not a lot of hills in Central Ohio, so we have to work hard just to find one for hill training. But by Griggs Reservoir, if you head … Continue reading

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I’m a Poser

I’m a poser! At least I felt like a poser today. Let me explain. I needed to get in 4 miles today. I also needed to return library books. So my plan was to walk the 1 mile to the … Continue reading

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Pre-Loaded Audiobooks at Library

I’m a big fan of Audiobooks. I don’t have as much time to read for fun as I would like, and Audiobooks allow me to multi-task. I especially enjoy these books while walking. Usually I download books in an MP3 … Continue reading

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What a Difference…

The members of the Buckeye Striders entered in half marathons this Spring met 45 min earlier than the rest of the members to fit in our extra miles. (We needed 7 today.) Deb set the pace, which was pretty quick. … Continue reading

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Keeping Training on Track

Today Deb and I met for our 3-mile training walk. The Scioto River seemed a little small after walking beside the Mississippi River for three days. Still the sun was shining, temps were in the mid-50s and it was a … Continue reading

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Dinner with Jaye

When I travel, I often try to meet up with walkers I know: either members of the Walking Team or people I’ve met at various events. While in St. Louis earlier this week, I had dinner with Jaye, a member … Continue reading

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Basilica of St. Louis

While in St. Louis, I saw a small church where I would cross the street to the Arch. Though I walked past it several times, on my last walk I noticed the doors were open and went inside. I was … Continue reading

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