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Too Busy to Walk — Sort Of

Some really tough deadlines requiring lots of overtime, an upcoming family wedding, a “graduation” of sorts, end of school-year events and stress overall have led to my lack of walking this past week. It’s not that I didn’t walk at … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day!

Revised from 2008 Memorial Day is one of those holidays I didn’t understand as a kid. It was always May 30, my Grandma’s and my sister’s birthday. (For a number of years I think my sister thought the parade was … Continue reading

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Affected by Heat?

In Central Ohio we’ve had unusual temperatures. It was colder than typical at the beginning of Spring, and now it is unusually hot. Normally heat does not bother me once I am acclimated. However, with the sudden heat, I’m not … Continue reading

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Walkscapes: Taking a New Look at Walking

To Francesco Careri, the act of walking is a form of art. Careri is an Italian architect, urban theorist and author of the book Walkscapes. In the book, Careri advocates looking for art in everyday life while walking. OSU has … Continue reading

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Speedo Man Sighting

Speedo Man was spotted at the river today about 11:45. I caught a glimpse of him when I arrived at the park to eat lunch. I hoped to see him on his way back to his car, but didn’t. So, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Racewalk on Gravel

Yeah, I discovered this by attempting to racewalk around Antrim Lake in racewalking shoes. The trail is mostly packed gravel with a small section of asphalt. Though I walk around this lake all of the time, today was the first … Continue reading

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Burn More Calories by Walking Fast

A 2006 article in Runner’s World compares the calories burned walking to running and the results were actually surprising to me. Like many people, including Amby Burfoot, the author of the article, I had heard many times that walking burns … Continue reading

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Sunday Walk

I didn’t get up as early today as I do when I walk with the Buckeye Striders on Saturdays. I did just 30 min. in the neighborhood. It was brisk this morning and I felt chilly in shorts and a … Continue reading

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Playing Softball in Your 70s

Have you ever heard about Seniors Softball? In Columbus, OH they have leagues for players 50+, 60+ and 70+. That’s right, there is a softball league for players who are over 70 years old! On the radio this morning, I … Continue reading

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Walking Twice in an Evening

First WalkDeb and I attempted to do our first speed workout after a half marathon about 10 days ago. Since then, she also entered a 4-mile race at a great pace and I got a workout hiking several miles in … Continue reading

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