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The View from a Water Stop Volunteer

[Edited – Aug 31, 2009] I recently had an unpleasant experience working a water stop during a race. I’ve been thinking about how I would address this issue for a while. I want to make my point, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Best and Worst Parts of the Parkersburg Half Marathon

Best Parts of this Race- The pre-race pasta dinner and post-race pizza are included in the $35 registration fee. (There was even beer!) – Each food event also had tons of fruit available.- The volunteers are plentiful and enthusiastic.- Ice-cold, … Continue reading

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Parkersburg Half Marathon Recap

I toed the line at the Parkersburg News and Sentinel Half Marathon at 8 a.m. yesterday morning with Deb. (Elaine, Peggy and Laura were much further ahead of us.) The walkers started with the runners, which was new for me … Continue reading

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Race Day Decisions — What to Wear!

I have often joked with my husband that you can tell what my current interest is by the types of T-shirts I own. When I threw competitive darts, I had shirts from various dart tournaments. I also have a collection … Continue reading

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Sport Science Dispels Sports Myths

My son not only plays many sports, he likes to watch sports on TV and shows about how to play sports. Because of his interests, I started watching a show called Sport Science that airs on Fox Sports. This show … Continue reading

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Being on the Local News

Today Deb, Elaine and I were doing a light hill workout before the half marathon Saturday. We got to the top of the hill at Griggs Reservoir when a gentleman hopped out of an NBCi car with a camera man … Continue reading

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Getting Antsy

When my walking mileage suddenly decreases, like taper week, I tend to get antsy legs. It’s hard to sit still, I feel like I need to get up and walk around, sometimes they even ache. To help alleviate the aggravation, … Continue reading

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The Taper Begins — 8 Miles is a Milestone

We walked “only” 8 miles today. I love it when I can say that — “only” 8 miles. We’ll reduce our mileage this week then the Parkersburg Half Marathon is next Saturday! Woo hoo! Whether you are increasing your mileage … Continue reading

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What’s Your Walking Pet Peeve?

I saw a recent blog post about runners’ pet peeves. The ones mentioned mostly dealt with runners following too close to another runner, run/walkers who repeatedly pass the same person then walk and dogs not under control. I can relate … Continue reading

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Slowing a Little Before Race

The Parkersburg Half Marathon isn’t for another 10 days but I’ve been taking it a little easier this week. (Normally, I don’t start to taper or walk easy until the week of the event.) Yesterday, I didn’t do a speed … Continue reading

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