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Different Perspectives

I’ve occasionally watched parts of the Biggest Loser, but never saw the first show of the season until this year. When Jillian screamed and swore at the heaviest women this season, trying to get her to do the required exercise, … Continue reading

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Finished Half Marathon Strong!

Sometimes I get geeky about tracking statistics. That’s why it drove me nuts when I had a watch malfunction during my last half and could not verify whether I had picked up my pace in the last 3 miles. You … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Training Walk

Today’s 8-mile walk was partially a recovery walk after last weekend’s half marathon and partially a regular long slow distance day in preparation for the Columbus Marathon (Half) October 18. Regardless, we had not intended to push hard today. I … Continue reading

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11 Reasons to do the U.S. Air Force Marathon

I’ve completed a full marathon only twice in my walking career — both at the U.S. Air Force Marathon in Dayton, OH. The half marathon distance was introduced here a couple years ago, and I’ve entered it several times. Both … Continue reading

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I PR’d at the Air Force Half Marathon

Buckeye Striders before the U.S. Air Force Half Marathon from left to right: Peggy, me, Nancy, Laura, Elaine, Catherine, Barbara and Barb. The temperatures were in the mid-50s when 8 members of the Buckeye Striders lined up for the US … Continue reading

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The Weather is Fantastic!

Did you ever wake up, go outside and think: This is a great day for a race! Well, I did — TODAY! The cool thing is, we should have the exact same weather tomorrow in Dayton. [Yes, I’m a little … Continue reading

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It Fits! It’s a Miracle!

This is going to be pretty hard to believe — at least for the women who read this blog. But here goes. Because I’m very excited about the U.S. Air Force Marathon (Half) this weekend, I drove to Dayton tonight … Continue reading

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Two Easy Miles

Today I just walked to the library and back for two very easy miles. My legs felt so heavy, I couldn’t believe it! I probably say this before every race, but they felt particularly heavy today and the walk was … Continue reading

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Taper Week is Hard

Everyone loves taper week, right? Well, everyone except me. Let me explain. I really like having the extra time, relaxing and mentally preparing for the race. I HATE the heavy feeling my legs get. I hate the conflicting antsy feeling … Continue reading

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Reaction to alli Commercial

There’s an alli commercial that has been airing in Columbus for a couple of weeks that I find VERY annoying. The woman claims to be a pharmacist, talks about alli and says it encourages healthy eating because it blocks 25% … Continue reading

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