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Thanksgiving Day Race

My kids joined me yesterday for The Flying Feather, a local Thanksgiving Day 4-mile race. We left the house a little later than I had planned and the traffic getting near the race was horrible! I was a little worried … Continue reading

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Recovering — I Think

I’m not sure what I am recovering from. According to my doctor I do not have a flu. From the way I feel I know this is not a cold. But whatever it is, it is hard to recover from. … Continue reading

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Sick Again

I cannot believe I am sick again! I had a horrible summer cold (that my husband brought home) and now I have a virus that is not the flu. The problem is I have been taking good care of myself. … Continue reading

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What Do You Do with Race Memorabilia?

If you are like me, you have a drawer full of race numbers, your shirts are in a pile in your closet and you wear just the shirts that fit. You might even give the others away. Now those numbers, … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Walk Speedier than Usual

This morning when the Buckeye Striders met for our weekly group walk, a bunch of us started at a much quicker pace than usual. The funny thing is, I set the pace. Yes, my regular walking pace is getting quicker … Continue reading

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Wanchai Ferry Product Review

My family and I had the opportunity to try the new Wanchai Ferry Restaurant Favorites Orange Chicken through the General Mills Pssst program. When I opened the box and saw the small amount of ingredients, I did not believe that … Continue reading

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Hills Tonight

Thanks to Elaine and Deb for doing hills with me tonight! We did a half-mile warm up and half-mile cool down with four reps on the hills for a 56-min workout. It felt great! And after I remembered Elaine was … Continue reading

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Marathon Run in the Slow Lane

Funny how recently The New York Times ran a front-page story about middle-of-the-pack runners’ dislike of slow marathoners. Today on the Times’ website is an article (blog posting?) by Tara Parker-Pope about what it is like to be a runner … Continue reading

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Headlamp Review to Come

This time of year many people quit walking during the week because it gets dark so early. I’m fortunate that my neighborhood is safe enough that I do walk in the early evenings year round. We don’t have street lights, … Continue reading

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3 Miles

Had a nice 3-mile walk this evening — 1 mile to the library, 1 lap around the park and one mile back home. The temps were mild and it was a beautiful evening. I had originally planned to walk at … Continue reading

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