Episode 19 Podcast — Dressing for Walking in the Winter

In this episode of the WALK Magazine Podcast, I talk with Larry Smith about how to dress for walking in winter.

Larry is not only a walking visionary (he started an urban walking club in German Village) and a very fast walker, but he is also one of those hard core athletes who is outside regardless of the weather. (Except for ice and lightening.)

So Larry was the perfect person to talk to about dressing for the winter weather. And because this winter in Central Ohio has been weird and not as cold as typical — yet — it’s not too late to post this information in February.

Follow Larry and the German Village Walking Club Here:

  • website: https://www.gvwalkingclub.com/
  • Facebook: GermanVillageWalkingClub/
  • email: larrywalksfast@gmail.comĀ  or
  • germanvillagewalkingclub@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @LarryWalksFast


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